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Successful registration of Inner-Mongolian Mengniu Aoya Biogas Power Project
The Inner-Mongolian Mengniu Aoya Biogas Power Project (1.36MW) has been successfully registered as a Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) project by the Executive Board of the UNFCCC on 2nd April 2011. The project is located in Shengle Economy Zone, Helin Ge'er County, Hohhot, Inner-Mongolia in China. The biogas project is developed by China Carbon to be CDM compliant, together with its partners.
The project makes use of the biogas to produce electricity, avoiding the emission of greenhouse gases such as CH4 and N2O. In addition, the power generated from the biogas plant will be fed into the North China Power Grid, avoiding CO2 emissions due to fossil-fuel power generation and achieving greenhouse gases emission reduction. Annual emission reduction of the project is expected at 17,148 tCO2e.
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