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China Renewable Energy Fund

Investment fund plan
ECP is currently setting up an investment fund (China Renewable Energy Fund - "CREF") together with partners from the renewable energy sector. It will be one of the first financing vehicles dedicated to investing in both existing and new, to be developed, renewable energy projects in China and in Europe.These projects offer competitive solutions to meeting energy needs and are important alternatives to the combustion of fossil fuels, the major source of greenhouse gas emissions leading to global warming. ECP will take the lead in establishing a fund management group, with funding from ECP/Farsighted and selected investors from Europe, Asia and North America.

CREF will seek to make equity and quasi-equity investments in profitable, commercially viable private companies and projects in sectors that include: electricity generation primarily fuelled by renewable energy sources (small hydropower, wind power projects), energy efficiency and conservation.

Preferential Aspects:
CREF will consider investment in projects with total capitalization requirements of between 7,5 million and 150 million. Its investments may take a variety of forms including common and preferred stock, partnership and limited liability company interests, and convertible or subordinated debt with equity warrants/options. CREF may also make loans to projects or project sponsors on a bridge or permanent basis.


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